I am honored and privileged to have this article co-authored by Vivek , a passionate and extremely talented Industrial engineer and product designer at Techolution. I have collaborated with him during my stint at Techolution for various key initiatives. Through this article, we would like to cover how we leverage 3D printing for various IoT prototype activities. What are some best practices, pit falls, limitations, etc.

Application Areas

Below are the following use cases or requirements for which we have leveraged 3D printing for IoT

  • Enclosures for small our home grown, purpose built edge devices
  • Custom components for our proprietary hardware products

Continuing from Part2 , as mentioned in that post, I will explain a real world use case and how we approached it in this article.

As-Is Solution

Our platform was an industrial asset condition monitoring system developed using GcP IoT Core and other key GCP products. At the factory level, we had our own proprietary industrial gateways which interacted with machinery and equipment over standard industry protocol. Few of the equipment shared a single gateway while a few equipment had their own dedicated gateway. Industrial gateways send data to the IoT core. From the IoT core, data was pushed to PubSub. PubSub…

Continuing on Part1 , In this article, I will highlight the strategy, steps to follow, things to consider and possibly the best practices to do before moving the real time data analytics load from Cloud to edge. This is mostly aimed to serve as a guideline in architecture and process drafting while the enterprise is moving towards the edge. I have captured a common set of challenges and considerations.

While the use case I have worked on was specific to IoT and processing the data nearby the place of data generation, the principles can be applied to moving your processing…

I got myself involved in IoT out of my pure interest and passion. With engineering background in Textiles and significant software industry experience, Managing delivery in IoT services is a big challenge. I will describe a approach I have adopted from Waterfall SDLC to control cost and slippages.

Hardware Planning Cycle

When we think about IoT, many people attribute to startups and enterprise which are involved in custom hardware or create devices or a service for a specific use cases. However, planning and deploying Bespoke IoT solution, which is mostly done by services company is different and have its own unique challenges. …

This is the first of three part series where I will be covering Apache Beam. While this part talks about features and benefits, the next part will give code examples and the last part will detail on how to migrate existing data streaming logics from cloud to edge.

Digital transformation has been an overused and a raging topic for the most part of the last decade. As the different channels of data generation, acquisition increased and data processing with cloud increased, enterprises and startups came up with innovative products and frameworks to add value.

As the ecosystem matured, people were…

At Techolution we are working on deploying complex AI model to edge. While Intel based industrial gateways are generally used in our production deployments, for our experiments and trying out prototypes, we use RaspberryPi. Specially RaspberryPi4 to be specific. Since Linux is the OS which we use for production, we use Linux in our Pi’s as well, instead of standard Rasbian OS.

Dockerize and deploy AI models on ARM64 devices like RaspberryPI

In the experiment, we were developing a prediction model for fire and gas leakage for one of our customer in Industrial space. The model was working fine in development machines(Mac and Windows), however, we realized that the docker…

GKE to CloudRun

GKE is one of the wonderful service offerings from Google cloud. However, just that your services or functionalities are dockerized, does not mean that GKE should be the only choice of runtime to achieve a scalable solution. As cloud providers, especially GCP, keep adding new services in its portfolio, it is essential to see if any of the new services could match our requirement and solve our problem or make our solution more efficient. In this post, we will highlight the reasons why we moved from GKE to Cloud Run for our lower environment, steps to do that, benefits and…

Hariharan Anantharaman

IoT Solution Architect

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